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There are few places around today that offer customer service like DTOM. Our shirts arrived but didn't fit. DTOM sent us the correct sizes AND an envelope to return the small sizes. They even shipped via FedEx and the shirts arrived just in time on Christmas Eve. Thanks, DTOM. Not only are your shirts awesome- your customer service is, too! Sherri - FL


I have purchased over thirty tees and hooded sweatshirts from DTOM and love them all. Wes - VA


DTOM is my favorite clothes brand. I now own 9 shirts, and cant get enough of em. Im a soldier and these shirts represent what and who I'm serving. THANK YOU DTOM!!! Kevin - AZ


Don't Tread On Me is by far best company ive ever done business with! Your customer service is unparalelled, the product quality exceeds all expectations, and greatest of all, the American designs you continue to produce are continuously, exceedingly, sweet-a$$, eye candy! Boomer - MI


Every time I wear my shirt. Wherever I go, I always get a compliment. Or best of all. You are not alone! And my sticker has received many thumbs up sitting at traffic lights. "Don't Tread On Me" Is not just a part of American history. It represents that as Americans. We need to remind our Government that this IS OUR LAND! Bill - OH


As a Marine, I love the idea behind these well-made products. Love my shirts and will be back for more! Ooh-RAH! Freddie - TN


Hey just got my first shirt from you guys yesterday and I love it! Thanks for making not only American clothes but REAL American pride stuff. Matt - NY


This is such a nice shirt, I will probably never wear it unless for special occasion. Stephen - CA


Fast service. Love the shirt! Robyn - FL


Awesome T-shirts! They arrived right on time. Susan - CA


These are by far my favorite shirts. I love what they stand for. GREAT PRODUCT! Brad - OH


Shirt feels good and looks good and highly recommend to a friend or another customer. Eric - PA


AWESOME shirts. Love them! Thanks! Sean  DPO, AE


Excellent to do business with. Would recommend to friends and family. John - NY


theyre kick ass and i love em...John - OK


Thanks and God Bless y'all and your families,friends,etc...Michelle - TX


Great quality shirt, affordable price. Awesome. Giovanny - LA


Love my t-shirt. Thank you. Joy - CA


nice service, I have no problems at all, the t-shirts came on great condition. Julio - FL


Shipped on time and was just as described. T-Shirt was not preshrunk. so you may want to order a size bigger than you need. Anthony - OH


Thank You for your prompt delivery of a Fabulous product!!! Heather - UT


Transaction went smoothly. Definitely will order from you again. My hubby loved his shirt :) Rahel - DE


I own about 5 or 6 of there shirt's and probably going to order a few more here shortly, I also have one of there hoodies but it was fairly tight, the shirts fit fine but I would order a size larger in the hoodies. I had some trouble with them but not on my last two orders, I still give them a 10 out of a 10. I love their product it's like a tattoo when someone sees it, they all ready know alot about you. Brian - middle TN


Quite frankly, I look awesome and incredibly cool in my DON’T TREAD ON ME t-shirts! Thank you!!! Jim - CA


I received the shirts today... thank you VERY MUCH for the stickers! Have a great day! Joseph - AZ


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