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About DTOM®

Don't Tread On Me is a premium clothing brand that symbolizes personal freedom, a restlessness for the open road, and the pursuit of the American dream. "Don't tread on me" was originally a war cry during the American revolutionary war in the 1700's. Benjamin Franklin even recommended the symbol of America to be a rattlesnake instead of the bald eagle, because the rattlesnake was a creature that was fair in its warning but deadly in its strike.

Today the brand's rebel spirit is being kept alive by vintage artwork, fitted body styles, and distressed screen prints. Don't Tread On Me clothing is the embodiment of classic America and draws its influences from American history, rock 'n roll music, and motorcycle culture. It is the embodiment of someone who takes the world on their terms and doesn't let anybody "tread" all over them. and are the only authorized sites that sell Official Don't Tread On Me Brand / DTOM Brand clothing and accessories.

A Brand Created for Individuals

For anyone looking for quality clothing to help reflect a rebellious nature while still supporting U.S.A based companies, the people at Don’t Tread on Me literally have you covered. Their clothing and accessories are a bold and heartfelt reminder of our country’s spirit, with a phrase that harkens back to the rally cry of American nonconformists in the 1770’s. The graphics reflect the strength and independence of the individual. Not only does DTOM offer great shirts for men, women, and children, the site is also home to everything from hats and hoodies to decals and patches. Whichever product you choose to purchase, rest assured there’s no shortage of clothing options to showcase your pride and beliefs about freedom with the Dont Tread on Me brand.

The Customer Is Always Right

Customers who buy official Don’t Tread On Me brand T shirts or vintage clothing are sure to get their money’s worth, not just with respect to the fine quality products, but also in regard to the site’s excellent customer service. Each order is shipped out in a timely manner, to make sure you receive your vintage clothing selections as promptly as possible. DTOM offers free exchanges for any customer who finds that the particular shirt or shirts ordered weren’t exactly what they were looking for, and will provide return envelopes for your convenience. In fact, DTOM encourages customers to leave questions or comments concerning their products on the company’s website, in keeping with their guarantee to give customers 100% satisfaction with their online shopping experience. Between well-crafted products and exemplary service, it’s hard to go wrong shopping with DTOM.

Easy and Secure Payment Methods

Not only does the Don’t Tread On Me company produce and sell the best American pride clothing available, they are also an Authorized.Net Verified Merchant. For customers this means that any transaction made with DTOM is guaranteed to be secure, while also being as straightforward and easy as possible. The site accepts most major credit cards for your purchases, but also offers customers the option to pay through PayPal or Google Checkout. For orders totaling more than seventy-five dollars free shipping comes standard. These are all ways DTOM aims to provide the best shopping experience possible to their customers.

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