All of the vintage clothing items for sale at DTOM are made using only superior quality USA materials crafted into clothing in a variety of sizes and colors. And of course if you are going to be wearing apparel that shows your American pride, that fabric should without a doubt be manufactured right here on American soil, and fortunately DTOM has taken that question out of the equation by offering only items that are fashioned of 100% USA fabric. All clothing products come adorned with a great variety of stylish and edgy designs that resonate with the history that helped define what makes our country great. Each men t shirt is hand printed, or distressed screen print design is a work of art in and of itself and is expertly patterned to reflect our country’s heart as influenced by the America Revolution, motorcycle art, and early rock ’n roll. You can go out into the world with confidence knowing that your look clearly reflects all of your deep seated admiration for everything bold, rebellious and American.

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